Who we are

We are inspired by the art of the pure aromatherapy, nature, ecology and the recovery of the ancient traditions of medicinal plants with the aim of offering a product that has been produced by hand using the highest quality raw materials making it a delicious alternative for skin care.
Many of the ingredients come from our own fields, in the area of Matarraña where we elaborate all products respecting the environment with sustainable consciousness.


The Valley of Matarraña is a geographic area that has historically operated as a link between the hinterland and the Mediterranean coast. Converge influences Aragonese, Catalan and Valencian becoming an amazing tapestry of customs, history and landscapes which has preserved over time to the territory and its people... The River, through the Valley, has linked with the Ebro and Aragon, which nowadays is to peoples that are located in the.

Our Cretas village is one of the 18 towns of the region, history has marked in an indelible way her step in stone houses, in portals that once defended the population in old mills of oil, in the Els Castellets Iberian settlement. Clearly influenced by the Mediterranean climate invites you to enjoy a few fields filled with olive trees, almond trees, vineyards, etc. Their natural bathing areas we could qualify as idyllic. These values we can add a typical cuisine of the area with the highest quality pastries, cooked with the area Extra Virgin olive oil, irrigated with our finest wines of the Earth, a calm and friendly people and a nature that can be enjoyed in its wildest State.